Make the Purge: Deep-Clean Your Closet

Trying to keep busy as you find yourself spending more time at home these days? Look no further than your closet. Minimizing your “stuff” is a subtle yet powerful exercise that affords several benefits, and as an added bonus, it’s a productive way to pass the time. Clearing the clutter lifts an invisible mental weight you perhaps didn’t even know was holding you down. Additionally, with more purposeful items more easily accessible, you’ll save time (and frustration) in the long run by not digging, sorting, moving, or shuffling items to find what you’re seeking. 

Since no place experiences gradual accumulation quite like a closet, this is a great area of your home to start the unloading process. It’s a safe bet to assume the average closet is overfull, with items of clothing, shoes, and accesso... Read More

Meridian Ranch to Host Second Annual Military Appreciation Golf Tournament

Meridian Ranch is happy to announce the second annual Meridian Ranch Military Appreciation Golf Tournament at the Antler Creek Golf Course for active and retired military Meridian Ranch residents and their spouses. The 120-person golf tournament is scheduled for Sunday, May 17th, 2020 starting at 8 am and it will be a 4-person scramble format. Thanks to our Meridian Ranch home builders, developer and the Antler Creek Golf Course, the golf tournament, including food and drinks as well as countless prizes and goodies, is entirely free for our military residents and their spouses. A small token of our appreciation for their sacrifices for our country. With the help from our local businesses we can make this event even better for our participants.

Donations will benefit Wounded Warrior Project which provides lifesaving programs in mental health, career counseling, and long-term reh... Read More

Leverage Leap Day: Ideas to Maximize Your Bonus Day

Do the words “I’m so busy” ever cross your lips? In today’s warp-speed world, this phrase is tossed around often. Why not take full advantage of Leap Day, the twenty-ninth day tacked onto the end of February every four years? Think of all you could accomplish with a bonus day . . .

On the other hand, perhaps it would be more satisfying to spend the day playing—or doing nothing at all! How will you spend your time on February 29? Here are some ideas to help maximize the day:

Play Catch-Up

  • Organize photos – Digital photos have a way of stacking up to an overwhelming degree. Face the problem head on, tackle one category/event at a time, and challenge yourself to keep only the best of the lot, ditching t... Read More

Go Green: 9 Inspiring Alternatives for Gift Wrapping Paper

The gift-giving season is upon us, and what a joyful time it is. But with all those presents comes wrapping paper. Have you ever thought about this paper’s disposability? Did you know you can’t recycle wrapping paper? This year, consider using an alternative method to conceal the special items you’ve purchased or made for loved ones.

Here is a sampling of 9 wrapping paper alternatives to inspire you this holiday season:

  • Gift bags: Have a stash of paper gift bags you’ve collected over the years? Reuse them! If used gently (and particularly within your family), they can be reused time and again.
  • Kraft butcher paper: Yes, it’s technically still paper, but it’s recyclable. This ... Read More

Reunion Homes wins People’s Choice and Industry Award for the Best Master Suite in the 2019 Parade of Homes

The Housing & Building Association (HBA) of Colorado Springs announced the winners of the 2019 Parade of Homes People’s Choice Awards and the Industry Awards of Excellence. Meridian Ranch is pleased to announce that Reunion Homes won the People’s Choice Award for their Sunlight Peak floor plan and the Industry Award of Excellence for the Best Master Suite in the $525,000-$580,000 price range.

The Sunlight Peak is Reunion Homes’ newest, most spectacular home, which you can visit at Meridian Ranch. The home boasts 5,770 finished square feet and includes the upgrades every new home buyer is looking for. Come out to Read More