A new outlook on life lands a local Realtor and her family at Meridian Ranch.

Meet Niki Davis

Niki Davis knows new homes in Colorado Springs. She ought to. She’s a homegrown new-home Realtor who’s spent the past four and a half years helping clients find “the one.” So she was way ahead of the game when it came to finding a new home that fit her family’s lifestyle. In fact, she wasn’t even looking when a series of back-to-back health scares made the Davises rethink their priorities.

Niki’s family includes her husband Sam (an Army veteran), daughter Olivia (13), son RJ (almost 12) and Trooper, a chocolate lab they call their “little miracle puppy.” “He’s a huge part of our family,” beams Niki. Trooper’s miraculous rebound after swallowing a sponge was followed by a close call with sepsis for Niki and a cancer diagnosis for Sam. “It really showed us a lot about what’s important and the type of lifestyle that we want to live,” says Niki.

It’s all about the lifestyle.

Making the move was well worth the benefits for Niki and Sam. “Meridian Ranch has a lot of opportunity,” says Niki. “The growth of the community and local area, the equity to be gained, the lifestyle and the cost of homes here relative to the cost of living.” All of those things came into play when Niki was looking for a property.

Also high on their list: simplifying life with less stress and more fun. “It is a little quieter, more slow paced, but still has all of the amenities that we wanted,” she says. Amenities include the Antler Creek Golf Course, trails, parks, a fun rec center with indoor and outdoor pools, and a private clubhouse in their new neighborhood, Stonebridge. “I love that I can ride my bike on over to the gym. I don’t even have to get in my car.”

“I’m a huge fan of new construction, because you really have the opportunity to put your personal touch on your home.”

Niki spent 18 months looking for her first home. This time, it was easy. “I was actually showing a client a home in Meridian Ranch. Then I saw this lot and told my husband, ‘Honey, you should come see this,’” says Niki. They weren’t looking to move right away, but then they “fell in love” with the lot and the view. “We’re right on the golf course and we have an unbelievable view of Pikes Peak!”

A new home was a no-brainer. “I’m a huge fan of new construction,” Niki explains, “because you really have the opportunity to put your personal touch on your home. And there’s not a huge cost difference in resale versus first-to-build.” That is, if you don’t go crazy at the design center. “I like shiny things, so I have to keep myself in check there.”

“Meridian Ranch just met all of the items on my checklist.”

As a passionate Realtor, Niki knows the pulse of the market—and admits she’s pretty picky. Meridian Ranch fit the bill. “At the end of the day, I wanted a great community for my kids. I wanted views. I wanted my kids to be able to ride their bikes to their friends’ houses,” adds Niki. “Meridian Ranch just met all of the items on my checklist.”

New home, new chapter, new adventures.

For Niki, the move to Meridian Ranch means a lot to her family. “When you’ve gone through a near-death experience, it really does make you evaluate, where do you really want to be? And if you don’t want to be where you are, then what steps do you need to take to get you where you want to be?”

For the Davises, Meridian Ranch embodies all of the things that are truly important to them, making every minute of their move “worth it” for the new lifestyle they’ve gained.

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