2018 Meridian Ranch Christmas Lights Contest

Competition was tough this year as many Meridian Ranch residents went all out in decorating their homes. Members of the Board of Directors of the Design Review Councils No. 1 and 2 and Stonebridge Homeowner’s Association judged the decorations on the evenings of December 10th & 12th. Gift cards to the Antler Creek Golf Course and Schafer’s Steakhouse at the CreekView Grill were awarded to the overall winner as well as to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each judging area (Section). Congratulations to the following winners listed by DRC/Homeowners Association and Section:

Overall Winner – 10398 Mount Evans Drive (shown above)

DRC 1 Section 1A
1st Place – 10690 Pictured Rocks Dr.
2nd Place – 10807 Klondike Dr.
3rd Place – 10691 Pictured Rocks Dr.

DRC 1 Section 1B
1st Place – 10204 Ross Lake Dr.
2nd Place – 10516 Antler Creek Dr.
3rd Place – 12455 Angelina Dr.

DRC 1 Section 1C
1st Place – 9988 Everglades Dr.
2nd Place – 9843 Walnut Canyon Dr.
3rd Place – 9753 Fleece Flower Way

DRC 2 Section 2A
1st Place – 12648 Mt Lindsey Dr.
2nd Place -12472 Mt Lindsey Dr.
3rd Place – 12449 Ellingwood Peak Pl.

DRC 2 Section 2B
1st Place – 10186 Mt Lincoln Dr.
2nd Place – 10201 Mt Lincoln Dr.
3rd Place – 10426 Mt Lincoln Dr.

DRC 2 Section 2C
1st Place – 11325 San Luis Peak Way
2nd Place – 11341 Lobo Peak Dr.
3rd Place – 12533 Mt. Antero Dr.

DRC 2 Section 2D
1st Place – 13784 Park Meadows Dr.
2nd Place – 10231 Hidden Park Way
3rd Place – 10295 Hidden Park Way

1st Place – 9801 Golf Crest Dr.
2nd Place – 10126 Golf Crest Dr.
3rd Place – 12764 Stone Valley Dr.