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All Things Seeds: What, When, and How to Plant

There is nothing quite like seeing the greens of daffodils and tulips emerge from the earth—sometimes from beneath a covering of snow!—in early spring. It may seem now like winter is here to stay, but it’s not! Rest assured, spring is just around the corner. Are you yearning for longer days? Are your creative gardening ideas beginning to flow? This month is a great time to start preparing for the warmer seasons ahead.

Whether you’re a gardening newbie or seasoned cultivator, check out these helpful tips to make sure your Colorado garden is ready for the growing season:

Make a List 

First things first: What do you want to plant? This is a crucial—and fun!—question to answer as you begin dreaming up your summer garden. Consider the following as you browse plant books, seed catalogs, and gardening websites for inspiration:

  • Drought tolerance: Colorado’s dry climate means that the lower a plant’s water requirement, the better. The good news is that many beautiful, hardy plants thrive with little water.
  • Average-length of growing season: How long will it take the seeds to germinate? How long to produce flowers or fruits? The average growing season in the Colorado Springs area is 150 days, so choose varieties that fit within that period.
  • Light needs (sun versus shade): Does your plant require full sun, partial sun, partial shade, or full shade? Morning sun and afternoon shade? Ensure the space in your garden can fulfill this light requirement.
  • Critter resistance: Bunnies, deer, and bugs, oh my! Check the label to see what animals might also enjoy your harvest and select those that naturally repel critters.
  • Annual or perennial: Do you want to plant once and enjoy an abundance of colorful flowers that last one season, or do you have the patience to cultivate a garden of perennials that bloom and spread year after year?
  • Form or function (that is, beautiful or edible—or both!): What are your plants for? Will you cut a bouquet? Do you want fragrant flowers? Will you grow a salsa garden? You can do it all—especially with mindful companion planting.

Create a Plan

Time it right: When to start seeds

Gardening books such as The Colorado Gardener’s Companion are chock-full of guidance about when to start seeds. Also, check out the back of the seed packet for plant-specific information. Many packets reference a “last frost” date; this can be hit or miss in our state’s unique climate, but Mother’s Day is commonly accepted as the beginning of the frost-free season.

Inside or out: Where to start seeds

Some seeds benefit from a warm start indoors with a grow light and seed-starting mix (sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, coconut coir, and so on) before you “harden off” the seedlings and plant them in the ground. Others thrive with an earthy germination outdoors as early as March. Research each plant you wish to grow or consult seed packets for guidance.

Spring will be here before you know it! Now is the ideal time to collect seed catalogs and begin sketching your plan for a bountiful season ahead in your home’s beautiful garden at Meridian Ranch.

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