Back To School Tips For A Healthy Lunch Box

Back to School: Tips for a Healthy Lunch Box

It’s that time of year—back to school! June and July seem to have passed with two blinks of the eyes, but on August 1, students of all ages sporting new backpacks, fresh school supplies, and squeaky-clean lunch boxes will cross the thresholds of Falcon School District 49 schools.

Start the year off right and send your child with a home-packed lunch bursting with delicious, wholesome food. After all, food is fuel, and a healthy, balanced lunch will help your child operate at his or her best throughout the school day. 


Here are some tips for preparing nutritious, delicious, satisfying lunches to keep your child alert and ready to learn:


Keep it colorful: Eating from the rainbow ensures a balanced diet full of important vitamins and minerals for growing bodies and minds. Get creative! Mix up the color combos to keep lunch interesting for your child.


Let the child choose: Making choices offers a sense of control for children, so involve your kiddo in the food selection process. Make a chart with the food groups (fruits, veggies, protein, grains, and dairy], offer 4–5 food choices in each category, and have your child choose one item from each list. 


“Hire” hands-on helpers: It’s a simple truth—food tastes better when you’ve made it yourself. Why not offer that experience to your child (and save yourself some work in the meantime!)? Young children can help by bagging items like apple slices and crackers. Older children can assemble sandwiches and gradually gain lifelong cooking skills like peeling and chopping. 


Copycat the pros, but do it better: Presentation makes a big difference in how receptive children are to food. Hence, the success of Lunchables. You can create your own bite-sized, finger-friendly combos but with healthy, colorful foods that far exceed the nutrition of store-bought packages. Consider Bento boxes for a true copycat feel, or use fun reusable sandwich bags and snack pouches


A new school year, a new routine, and new friends await your child on August 1. Set him or her up for success with a healthy lunch box brimming with healthy, wholesome foods.


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