Meridian Ranch Festive Fall Decor

Festive Fall Decor: Ideas for Your Home

Autumn . . . it’s when yellow and red leaves begin to fall, the air turns crisp, and the world starts to quiet, just a bit. There is something special about this time of year that makes it like no other. Don’t you agree?

Make the most of it! Show off your Meridian Ranch home this autumn with quintessential fall decor—neighbors and guests alike will admire your festive pride in ownership. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Boast an inviting exterior

Design a tasteful decor scheme for your home’s exterior with just a few seasonal standbys:

  • Get mummified: Vibrant fall mums are a classic addition to any front porch or walkway. Bursting with yellows, reds, purples, oranges, or a wowing combination of them all, these hardy perennials deliver beauty and softness. Ideal for containers and garden beds alike, chrysanthemum varieties seem nearly endless.
  • Go for gourds: The selection of these round (and sometimes not so round!) ornamental gems seems to grow every year. Do you like perfectly shaped pumpkins? Or is the masterfully misshapen Gremlin more your jam? Blues, greens, yellows, solid colored, speckled, smooth, rough, tall and slender, short and stout, snake-shaped, star-shaped, bottle-shaped, octopus-shaped—truly, the variety is fascinating. For a real treat, choose an edible option and enjoy it after it’s served its decorating purpose.
  • “Leaf” it to nature: What’s more quintessentially autumn than fallen leaves? Employ them as natural-looking decor! Whether you surround your front door with a string of leafy garland or hang a gorgeous wreath (fresh or artificial) of willow branches, acorns, wildflowers, peonies, and maple leaves, you’ll surely impress visitors and passersby with your decorating skills.

Cultivate a cozy interior

Options for creating a fall time sense of warmth and richness in your home are abundant. The following suggestions will help you achieve a festive vibe in any room:

  • Experiment with (more) gourds: These no-mess attention-stealers work well indoors also. Best of all, there is a wide variety of material options (real, glass, ceramic, woven, plastic), colors, and sizes, giving you flexibility to mix and match for whatever space you’re spicing up.
  • Feature beautiful bouquets: Fresh flowers are a must-have in every season, and autumn offers a delightful selection. Sunflowers, asters, chrysanthemums, and more are fall flowers that will add a punch of color to any tabletop. Mix in some sprigs of eucalyptus for a silvery-green contrast.
  • Bundle it: Wheat bundles are a classy, seasonally appropriate choice to complement any decor scheme. Because they are dried, these golden bundles are light, tidy, striking showstoppers that can be used year after year.

Autumn is upon us, making now a pleasurable time to decorate your home. What festive decor will make your home stand out this season?

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