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Food as Fuel: 5 Healthy After-School Snacks

We all know the brain and body need proper nutrition to function at optimal levels. With the new school year in full swing, now is a great time to find a routine that includes making healthy snacks for the kiddo(s) in your life. Check out these easy-to-assemble, irresistibly delicious snacks that offer a quick recharge after a day in the classroom:

Roasted Chickpeas

Beans are a low-fat, low-calorie source of fiber and protein. Have some cans of chickpeas in your pantry? Drain them, rinse them, toss them in the oven on a cookie sheet, then season to your delight. Go savory with barbeque or ranch; go sweet with cinnamon sugar. All this in less than an hour (of which, only a few moments are hands-on time). Easy and healthy and ready for after-school munching—these finger-lickin’ crunchy bites are oh-so-satisfying.

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Veggies & Hummus

Hummus is a healthy, dippable snack that fills the tummy and powers the brain. Add in veggie sticks and this after-school treat is fun to eat and it packs a major nutritional punch. Get creative with your flavors (think peanut butter, lemon, sun-dried tomato) and watch as the kids beg for seconds.

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These delightful roll-ups are easy, healthy, and versatile. It all starts with a soft flour tortilla. Smother it with a sticky spread of your choice (peanut butter, cream cheese, mayo . . .) and top with fixin’s: jelly and banana slices; basil and sun-dried tomatoes; or lettuce, ham, and olives—let your imagination (and taste buds!) go wild. Roll it up, slice into 1-inch segments, and serve.

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Easy to make, fun to slurp, and loaded with healthy ingredients, smoothies are the ultimate in versatility. Mix and match fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, yogurt, juice—you name it, you can blend it! Not only are they customizable but smoothies can be made ahead: just bag up your kiddo’s favorite ingredients, pop them in the freezer, and throw the contents in the blender after school. Voilà!

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Trail Mix

Delicious, wholesome trail mix is a cinch to make and offers kiddos a sweet and salty treat that fuels their bodies and brains. Anything can be whipped up in a homemade trail mix: nuts, candies, dried fruit, popcorn, seeds, cereal, pretzels . . . the list goes on. Kids love the finger-food quality inherent in trail mix, and parents love the nutrition factor and easy cleanup.

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Happy snacking!

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