Garage Organization

Garage Organization: Tips on Organizing Your Garage

If making your way across your garage seems more challenging than making it through a Spartan Race, then it’s probably time to start focusing on garage organization. Truthfully, while it may not be one of our favorite chores, there are a lot of benefits to be had by cleaning out and organizing the garage; the payoff is worth it!

With spring cleaning well underway, now is a great time to get started. Fortunately, knowing how to do it properly is half of the battle. Let’s discuss a few tips to remember next time you’re working on garage organization.

Letting Go

A great place to start garage organization is by taking inventory throughout your entire home. (Let’s be honest, making an appearance on the TV show Hoarders is not necessarily something to be proud of.)  Then, start deciding what you can do without.

Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so be sure to donate your unwanted items. For members of our community, you will find multiple shops (Arc, Goodwill, and The Salvation Army) to donate goods just a few miles east of Meridian Ranch. Ultimately, you have the comfort of knowing that these items are going to a good cause and you’re decluttering your home simultaneously.

Letting go of unwanted/unneeded items helps people focus on what actually needs to be organized. By getting rid of all of that extra stuff, you might find that organizing your garage will not take much effort after all!

Garage Organization Made Easy

With purging unnecessary items out of the way, now comes the fun part. The trick is to utilize as much space as possible while not impeding your movement in and out of the garage. Wall space becomes your best friend in this case.

Corner Shelves

Chances are you have some garage shelves here and there, but are you utilizing corner space properly? They don’t take much to rig up (or just hire a handyman), and they’re great for storing smaller items, such as glues, polishes, oils, and car care products.

Ceiling Racks

Are you currently storing stuff on your ceiling? We didn’t think so. Actually, a better question to ask is, why aren’t you storing stuff on your ceiling? You can pick up a ceiling rack that holds up to 600 pounds for a little over a hundred dollars. However, if you’re brave, rigging up your own ceiling racks involves affordable items like PVC pipes or 2x4s. it’s worth a shot (you didn’t hear it from us, though)!

Garage Shelving

There are some pretty impressive garage shelving units out there that allow you to hang many of your tools while storing crates above them. Ultimately, this takes more items off of the floor and clears your walkway.

Organizing Your Garage Doesn’t Have to Be a Burden

If your garage lacks intelligent storage options, we hope this list has given you a few ideas to consider. Setting time aside for garage organization and creating a plan will make things a lot easier for you in the long run. Consider inviting a couple of friends to help out and bounce ideas off of. Who knows, you might even enjoy yourself!