Garden to Table: Spring Tips for a Bountiful Harvest

Thinking of growing your own food this season? At a moment when our world seems out of whack, there’s no better time to plant a garden. Not only is it an outlet for your energy but it also delivers a certain satisfaction in knowing where the nourishment for your body comes from. And best of all—it’s fun!

Get Outside and Start Growing

There’s no hard and fast rule about when to plant outdoors in Colorado, but with Mother’s Day behind us, it’s generally a safe time to get started. Here are some tips to get you on your way:

Choose Your Food

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, we all have our favorites (and least favorites!). What do the people in your household tend to gobble up? Make a list of everyone’s preferred foods and then cross-check it against a calendar charting varieties that grow well in your area. Select those that match up and procure seeds or starter plants. 

Ready the Bed

Take note of planting and care recommendations for the plants you choose: How much water does each need? What about sunlight needs? Is there a certain pH recommendation for the soil? Design your bed to best accommodate each plant’s requirements. Consider a raised bed for optimal control over soil; these beds also minimize the headache of weeding. Garden boxes—featuring under-soil water reservoirs—also provide an ideal situation for thirsty plants, such as tomatoes, and allow you to grow nearly anywhere (think deck or patio). Once your bed is ready, go ahead and plant!

Practice Patience

Other than offering your plants TLC (and plenty of H2O!), now it’s time to just sit back, relax, and let time do its thing. If you’ve sown seeds, mark your calendar so you can expect (based on the packet’s estimation) when the delicious fruits of your labor should be ready for eating.  

Enjoy the Bounty

There is something sublimely rewarding about eating food you have grown yourself. In late summer and autumn, as you reap the bounty from your springtime efforts, delight in the crunch and sweetness in every bite and know the planning, digging, tending, and waiting were all worth it. Enjoy!

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