Meridian Ranch Aug Get Out And Grill

Get Out and Grill: From Guest List to Recipes, Tips for Hosting an Unforgettable BBQ

It’s summertime, and you live in the ideal Colorado climate. Is your gas grill beckoning? Whether hosting a gathering for Labor Day, celebrating back to school with friends, or having neighbors over to build new relationships, there’s nothing quite like a backyard BBQ. Check out these tips to enjoy an unforgettable event:

Communicate Clearly

First up: Who’s invited? What’s the occasion, and who are you most eager to visit with? This is where your list begins. Next, start spreading the word. However you choose to invite guests (flyer, text, email, or phone call), offer all the details:

  • When: Be specific with both date and time.
  • Where: Include your address for those who may not know it. For fun, consider giving your home a clever name, such as “Grahams’ Grill House.”
  • What: Do you expect guests to bring anything? Let them know. Are you providing drinks, or will it be a BYOB situation? Should they bring a side? A dessert? A bathing suit?
  • Who: Be specific about exactly who is invited. Will it be adults only, or is the entire family expected? Are dogs welcome? How about plus-ones?

The more information you offer, the fewer questions you’ll receive—and hopefully the greater your turnout!

Choose Make-Ahead Recipes

Grilled items may be the focal point of the meal, but side dishes are where the fun and variety lay. Do yourself a favor and select recipes you can make (or at least prep) before party day so there is one less thing to juggle when you’re readying for your guests’ arrival. Consider not only the dish and how it meshes with the grilled fare but also how it will hold up out of refrigeration.

Here are some delicious make-ahead recipes to consider:

Know Your Audience

If you’re expecting a large, eclectic crowd, have a few activities at the ready. How many children will attend, and what will keep them busy? When it comes to food, you’re the grill master, so you make the call, but what will your guests like from the grill? Keep it simple with cheeseburgers, or dazzle with Perfectly Grilled Steak or Chef John’s Barbeque Chicken. Do you have any vegetarians in the crowd that might appreciate some veggie kabobs or black bean burgers? Know your audience and you’ll be on your way to a successful BBQ.

Take Shortcuts

Do you have a beautiful tablecloth that complements your home’s style? Fancy dinner plates to match? Keep them in your cabinets! Instead, rely on disposable items (plates, cups, napkins, flatware, and table coverings) for this special occasion. Enjoy a trip to the store to choose fun, festive paper and plastic products that will keep your party—and its cleanup—simple and easy.

Open-concept homes in Falcon’s Meridian Ranch are ideal for entertaining, in summer and year-round. Follow these tips for an unforgettable BBQ with family and friends.

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