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Interior Design Alert: Trends for the New Year

What’s hot and what’s not with interior design in the new year? With the donning of a new calendar comes the promise of a new array of interior design trends. Are cool whites still in? Are natural materials truly timeless? But most importantly, what style will you choose to incorporate in your beautiful home?

Here are some trends designers forecast will be in vogue in the months ahead:

Hot interior trends for 2023

Pattern play

Wallpaper is back, particularly in small spaces such as a powder room. Incredible style-forward designs empower homeowners to have fun and express their personal tastes. Bring on the colors and prints!

Wellness on display

No more hiding workout equipment in the basement or relegating it to the corner: on the horizon is an embracing of all things physical and mental wellness, from fitness gear to meditation spaces to home spas.

Fabrics that function

Love the sophisticated-yet-cozy look of velvet but hesitant to include it in your home because of its easy-to-mar nature? Are you a fan of linen but wish it was more resistant to, well, the realities of pets and children in the home? You’re in luck. A new focus on high-performance fabrics is on the rise, with stain-resistant, washable options in a variety of textures.

Colors that pop

Cool whites, grays, and beiges, step aside. Colorful walls, furniture, and rugs are enjoying a resurgence. Bold red accents, daring blue decor . . . it’s all a go in the current design climate.

Natural materials as a mainstay

The aesthetic softness and natural vibe of wood and stone and air-purifying plants have been popular among homeowners for decades—and show no signs of losing their place on this year’s list of hot interior design elements.


Today, “thrifting” is front and center in the lexicon of professional and amateur designers alike. This nod to vintage furniture and repurposed decor is bringing character and uniqueness to home interiors.

Lighting as design

A walk through the lighting aisle at the home improvement store is proof enough that lighting fixtures have design sway when it comes to interior style. From lamps to pendants, properly lighting every room for both adequate light and mood is important. Although experts forecast that oversized fixtures are on their way out of vogue, plenty of options remain to ensure your home’s style keeps up with the times.

Which interior trend are you most excited to incorporate in your home this year? Discover your style in a new home at Meridian Ranch!

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