Know The Rules Tips For Pool Safety

Three Tips for Pool Safety This Summer

It’s time to grab your bathing suit, goggles, and towel—the long-awaited summer season is finally here! For the fortunate residents of Meridian Ranch, that means the outdoor pool is open for enjoyment. Before you head out for fun in the sun, consider the following 3 safety tips to ensure every adventure to the pool is a safe one.

Read the Signs

First things first: get the 411. Wherever you choose to swim, whether it be Meridian Ranch Rec Center’s indoor pool—complete with lazy river and play structure—its awesome heated outdoor pool, or maybe even the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park, check out any posted signs and familiarize yourself with the rules for that particular water wonderland. Is there a lifeguard on duty? Is diving allowed? Are pool toys allowed? Is there an age or height restriction for the slide? For the safety (and enjoyment!) of all, know and follow all the rules.

Know Your Limits

Are you a wade-in-inch-by-excruciating-inch kind of person, or is a cannonball into the deep end more your style? Be realistic about the swimming ability of each person in your group. Meridian Ranch Rec Center’s outdoor pool’s beach entry allows swimmers to build up to a comfortable depth. Provide flotation devices for new swimmers and stay alert of their whereabouts at all times. Even for competent swimmers, be sure to keep a vigilant eye—be present and keep your eyes up from your phone or book often when you are with a group – even if there is a lifeguard on duty.

Protect Your Body  

Don’t forget to take care of your body this summer! It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: slather up with sunscreen and be sure to drink plenty of water—the Colorado sun is intense! In fact, protecting your skin from harmful rays and staying hydrated should be year-round habits. As for eye protection, sunglasses protect from the blinding glare on the water, and goggles prevent chemical irritation. Last but certainly not least, if you’ve got a little one in diapers, be sure to suit him or her up in a swim diaper designed specially for pool time. Your fellow swimmers will thank you.

Can you hear that? It’s the pool calling your name. Keep these pool safety tips in mind and enjoy fun, unforgettable visits to your local pool this summer.


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