Make the Purge: Deep-Clean Your Closet

Trying to keep busy as you find yourself spending more time at home these days? Look no further than your closet. Minimizing your “stuff” is a subtle yet powerful exercise that affords several benefits, and as an added bonus, it’s a productive way to pass the time. Clearing the clutter lifts an invisible mental weight you perhaps didn’t even know was holding you down. Additionally, with more purposeful items more easily accessible, you’ll save time (and frustration) in the long run by not digging, sorting, moving, or shuffling items to find what you’re seeking. 

Since no place experiences gradual accumulation quite like a closet, this is a great area of your home to start the unloading process. It’s a safe bet to assume the average closet is overfull, with items of clothing, shoes, and accessories—many of which are rarely worn, don’t fit, or are outdated—stuffed and smooshed to the max. Do yourself a favor today and read on for helpful advice to break free from the overfull bedroom closet cycle.

From Whoa to Wow: Bedroom Closet Purge in 5 Steps

  1. Use a systematic approach: In her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo recommends an approach to decluttering that works systematically by category. First, remove all clothing (or shoes or accessories) from the closet. Item by item, determine whether the best home for each piece is your closet, the donation pile, or the trash.
  2. Make quick decisions: How do you discern whether an item is worthy of closet space? According to Jennifer Baumgartner, author of You Are What You Wear, making a snap decision is key. “You’ll make better decisions if you go with your gut and don’t get sucked into the paralysis of analysis.” Don’t get bogged down by each item’s history: who gave it to you, how much you paid for it, or whether it still dons the price tag. Just follow your gut reaction for each piece.
  3. Can’t decide? Ask yourself a few questions: 
    • Does the item make you feel good when you wear it? Keep it. 
    • Does it coordinate with multiple other items in the lineup? There’s a winner! 
    • Do you wear it often, or have you worn it once? With companies like Rent the Runway at your fingertips, it no longer makes sense to own clothing for a one-and-done event. Prioritize your precious closet space for items you wear regularly. 
    • Does it fit now? It can be hard to say good-bye to your favorite pre-baby jeans, but there is something to be said for being confident—and comfortable—in your current body. If a piece doesn’t fit today, let it go.  
    • Does it require special care (dry cleaning)? Unless it meets all other criteria, a high-maintenance item may earn a spot on the chopping block. 
  1. Ditch the clingers: Now is the time to break up with sentimentality (read: a sweat-stained race tee from 2010 or the heels you wore as maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding). For that which you must keep, consider limiting yourself to a single box/shelf/drawer’s worth (this will force you to truly prioritize what is most important). 
  2. Pat yourself on the back: You did it! Treat yourself to some stylish organizers for what remains in your closet; while you’re on your shopping trip, go ahead and swing by a donation center to drop off your items so they can bring joy to someone else’s life. 

If you find yourself with extra time on your hands, use it to your advantage. Make the purge and lighten your load with an intentional deep clean today. There’s no better time than now to clear out the extras and break the cycle of an overfull bedroom closet.

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